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Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry dedicates new worship space

On Saturday, May 7, the Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry dedicated their new home on the Hawai‘i Belt Road coming out of Kailua Kona on Hawai‘i Island. This Hawai‘i Conference Foundation property is again in mission use.

Rev. Boktir Labin and Chairman Rubar Zepty of the Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry and Rev. Allen Langneo of the Kona-Ka'u JRD were joined by Rev. Linda Petrucelle, Rev. Eric Anderson, Associate Conference Minister Rev. Jonathan Roach, and Conference Minister Rev. David Popham for the dedication service.

big black banner with words "BE A BLESSING" and various action phrases.
The "Be a Blessing" sign was a gift from the Hawai‘i Island Association to the Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry as they dedicated their home.


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