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Conference Resources

2024 Pastoral Leaders Minimum Compensation Guidelines Handbook

Prepared by the Hawai‘i Conference United Church of Christ, this guide will help your church to determine appropriate compensation for your pastor. (Updated November 2023)

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Safe Conference Policy

This document contains the Safe Conference Policy and safe conference resources of the Hawai‘i Conference UCC.

Abuse Prevention - Resources from UCC

Resources from the United Church of Christ

Media Release Form

Name, Likeness, Voice, Photograph and Video Release Form

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Copyright and Local Churches

FREQUENTLY ASKED COPYRIGHT QUESTIONS ABOUT UCC HYMNALS; prepared by Heather Kimmel, General Counsel of the United Church of Christ; Rev. Susan Blain, Minister for Worship and Gospel Arts, UCC National Setting; and Aidan Spencer, Communications Specialist for Tri-Conference Ministries.

Today the Congregational Library & Archives is a thriving center for researchers of all kinds, from professional historians to church members curious about their roots — anyone wanting to understand more about a religious tradition that has deeply informed American culture. The Congregational story is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, beginning with the seventeenth-century Puritans and continuing on through nineteenth-century abolitionists and social reformers to the work of modern-day Congregational churches toward a just and open society.

The process by which authorized ministers and congregations come together for shared ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and on behalf of the United Church of Christ is entitled "Search and Call." Search and Call takes considerable time and thoughtfulness, with prayerful attention to both logistical detail and the movement of God's Spirit. It is expected that authorized ministers and local congregations work closely with Conferences and Associations while engaged in Search and Call.

AUCE is a membership organization for UCC Christian Educators and Clergy, which advocates for excellence in faith formation ministries. 


Misty Bonham represents the Western Region on the AUCE Board of Directors. You may contact her about finding a faith formation practitioner in your area who can serve as a mentor and/or resource.

Misty provides resources and networking opportunities for local church educators and clergy who are working to provide faith formation. She will also advocate for faith formation within the Western Region, which is made up of the Central Pacific, Hawaii, Northern California-Nevada, Pacific Northwest and Southern California-Nevada Conferences of the UCC.

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