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WE are all part of the Hawai'i Conference, and the Hawai'i Conference United Church of Christ (HCUCC) CARES! Together, WE Connect / Advocate / Resource / Embrace / Serve. Explore below what each of the letters in CARES represents and how all of us in the Hawai'i Conference are living into the mission of the Conference as HCUCC CARES.


The Hawai‘i Conference recognizes the importance of building and nurturing relationships and making connections both within and outside the Conference. We strive to build a culture of open, honest communication to promote trust and foster relationships. We affirm that communication is a mutual exchange and it is important to both give and receive feedback and make space for all voices to be heard and respected. 
The Conference serves as a liaison between and with local congregations across all six islands, five associations, the national setting of the UCC, our surrounding communities, affiliated organizations, interfaith organizations, and the outside media. 
We utilize a variety of communication and media avenues, such as the Coconut WirelessThe Friend, the HCUCC website, social media (Facebook and Instagram), monthly worship bulletin insertsPrayers of Aloha, text message notifications, and direct mailouts when appropriate. 
How do you and your church Connect with others?
2 A - Advocate.jpg

We advocate on a variety of issues for social change by making our voices heard and participating in faith-based activities that promote peace, justice, equality, and inclusivity for all. Our inspiration and foundation come from the teachings of scripture and the example set by Jesus Christ. 
Through our publications and media platforms the Conference staff provides and makes known a variety of opportunities to take action both locally and nationally. Through the direction and actions of our Justice & Witness Missional Team we are able to learn about and work for justice. When we participate, we also connect with others in our communities, national denomination, and globally who care passionately about the same issues we do. Together, we can make an even greater impact in the world. 
How do you and your church Advocate for issues that are important and relevant to you?
3 R - Resource.jpg



The Conference staff serves as a resource for our local congregations and pastoral leaders in a number of ways, including: 

  • Establishing a guiding mission, vision, and strategic plan for the Conference as a whole; 

  • Providing support and assistance to local congregations in search of pastoral leadership and to pastoral leaders looking to serve a church in the Hawai'i Conference through the Search and Call process; 

  • Providing administrative support for Committees on Ministry; 

  • Making resources available through the HCUCC website; 

  • Planning and supporting conference-wide activities and learning opportunities; 

  • Cultivating relationships with seminaries; 

  • Providing scholarships and funding to allow people to fully participate in activities and learning opportunities; 

  • Supporting our missional churches; 

  • Undertaking a capital campaign on behalf of the entire Conference to ensure that resources will be available for each of us to carry out our mission, vision, and ministries. 


How do you and your church Resource your members, associations, Conference, and communities? 

4 E - Embrace.jpg



All of us in the Hawai'i Conference embrace others when we practice extravagant welcome: "No matter who you are and where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here." 
"Whoever receives one whom I send receives me and those who receive Jesus, embrace God." (John 13:20) 
The Conference is proud to have nine churches identified as Open and Affirming: Church of the Crossroads (O'ahu), The Giving Circle Church (O'ahu), Hanapepe UCC (Kaua'i), Hokuloa UCC (Hawai'i Island), Iao UCC (Maui), Ka Hana O Ke Akua (O'ahu), Kana'ana Hou – Siloama UCC (Moloka'i), Kōloa Union Church (Kaua'i), and Wananalua Congregational Church (Maui). 
We are equally proud of our churches who are designated as Just Peace, Creation Justice, or WISE congregations. 
We demonstrated our love and concern for those who endured the horrors of the devastating wildfires on Maui in August 2023 by establishing the Hawai'i Wildfires Relief Fund. We also established a Hawai'i Disaster Relief Fund, Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (2017), Samoa Relief Fund (2019), and a Tonga Relief Fund (2022). 
We embrace our brothers and sisters living in Palestine and Israel as they are all created in the image of God and we adopted a resolution calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. 
These are some of the ways in which we in the HCUCC embrace and care for others. How do you and your congregation Embrace others in your church, association, Conference, and communities?

5 S - Servce.jpg



The Hawai'i Conference serves God through all that we do! This is what sets us apart from secular organizations. 
We also serve each other and our neighbors: 

  • Through our Disaster Ministries and our volunteer coordinator, Danny Tengan. 

  • By providing food pantries, thrift stores, preschools on our church campuses, and more that serve those in our local communities. 

  • Through partnership ministries such as Family Promise Hawai'i, Ma'i Movement Hawai'i, UCC's Global Ministries, and more. 

  • By cultivating relationships with our Pasifika/Oceania partners, through the Richards Friend Peace Scholarship; Pacific Theological College in Fiji; Micronesian/MCUCC churches, Samoan churches, and Tuvaluan/Tongan churches in Hawai'i; and more! 


These are some of the ways in which we in the HCUCC serve and care for others. How do you and your congregation Serve others in your church, association, Conference, and communities? 

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