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Hawai‘i Conference Strategic Planning

‘Aha Approves Strategic Plan
At the 196th ‘Aha Pae‘āina held in June 2018 on O‘ahu, delegates overwhelmingly approved the Strategic Plan, including new mission and vision statements, that will guide our Conference, Associations and local churches over the next 10 years. Mahalo to consultant Cynthia Scherr and the Strategy Team for all of their hard work and effort as they crafted, listened, revised, thoughtfully considered, and prayed over this past year.


Sent forth by the Spirit, we walk humbly in Christ’s footsteps pursuing peace, justice and the renewal of all creation.



We are one ʻohana: a unified, radiant and transforming expression of the body of Christ.


Strategic Initiatives 2018-2028

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1. Training and spiritual formation
Provide paths for leadership development, theological education and spiritual growth that include all cultures and generations.


2. Mission-based financial stewardship
Prioritize our Conference funds and other resources to support our collective vision.


3. Expansive concept of Church
Actively support new or different ways of “being church.”


4. Gifts and wisdom of the next generation
Ensure that people under 40 are welcomed, inspired and free to give full expression of their faith (even if it looks different).


5. Prophets in our time
As Christians, boldly and publicly address social and environmental justice and peace issues.


6. Live aloha
Strengthen our relationships as members of local churches, Associations and the Conference.


7. Organizational support of vision
Examine and then align the governance and committee structure within the Conference to be more inclusive, participatory and effective.

8. Innovation and engagement
Innovation & Engagement was birthed out of a desire to provoke and support congregations in the HCUCC to create the church we want to be in the future.

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