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Hawai‘i Conference Foundation

Faithfully stewarding the assets of the Hawai‘i Conference of the United Church of Christ through investment and property management.

This Foundation is dedicated to promoting the interests and welfare of the Hawai‘i Conference of the United Church of Christ, its member churches and affiliates, continuing the first Christian work started in Hawai‘i in 1820.


Investing Church Money: Custodial Accounts

The Hawai’i Conference Foundation can assist churches with their long term investment needs. Hawai’i Conference United Church of Christ Churches, Associations and Affiliated Organizations are eligible to use the investment services of the Hawai’i Conference Foundation. By opening a Custodial Account, your church funds may be invested along with the endowments of the Hawai’i Conference.

Investment Performance

The Hawai’i Conference Foundation measures its investment performance against established market indices. Investment results are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Loans to Churches

UCC church building loan fund.jpg

United Church of Christ Church Building and Loan Fund assists new congregations with the purchase of land and financing of construction of their first building.

UCC cornerstone fund.png

Existing Congregations may borrow from the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund. Individuals and churches may also invest with this Fund.

Church Endowment Funds

The Hawai’i Conference Foundation manages endowment funds for the benefit of the Hawai’i Conference and its churches. If you would like to establish an endowment fund to support your church or its mission, please contact us.

Property and Liability Insurance


The local insurance agent for the Insurance Board is David Takagi.

Phone: (808) 523-6840

Neighbor Islands: 1-800-520-6840

Fax: (808) 531-2399

Takagi & Takagi.png
Hawaii Conference Foundation UCC


700 Bishop Street, Suite 825

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 1-800-734-7610

Fax: (808) 521-7196

Andrew Bunn

Executive Director

Nan Katsuda portrait 2021-10-29-1.jpg
Kathryn Perryman headshot portrait HCF 2023-10-16.jpg

Kathryn Perryman

Property Management Associate

Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Alan Akana

Rev. Eric Anderson

Ms. Martha Balkin

Ms. Caroline Peters Belsom

Ms. Joyclynn Costa

Ms. Yvonne Leiser

Rev. Kenneth Makuakane

Mr. Boyd Matsuyama

Mr. Warren Orikasa

Rev. Dr. David Popham 

Ms. Joan Sakaba

Mr. Martin Zorn

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