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HCUCC Bulletin Inserts

Looking for an easy way to keep your congregation informed of the happenings in the Conference?The Conference office will post monthly HCUCC updates (on the Wednesday preceding the first Sunday of the month) that can be reproduced as worship bulletin inserts, posted on church bulletin boards, or included in newsletters at any time of the month. Churches can share in a variety of ways!

View and download the PDF bulletin below.

To print half-page, double-sided inserts: (Yields 2 half-page inserts)

  1. Print the FULL document (2 identical pages), duplex printing / double-sided / front/back, flip on short edge

  2. Cut in half (yields 2 half-page inserts)

To print full page, one-sided flyer:

  1. Print ONLY Page 1 of the PDF 

This month's bulletin

To share a link to this bulletin online, copy/paste this short URL:


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