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A compilation of recorded presentations for the mind and spirit.


Moving Beyond Shame: An Appreciative Way Approach to Ministry Reviews

Rev. Dr. David Popham, Conference Minister

Why & How: Completing the UCC Yearbook Forms
Destiny Hisey, Associate Director of the UCC's Center for Analytics, Research, and Development, and Data (CARDD)

Understanding the Pastor as Both Spiritual Leader and Employee
Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons, Southwest Conference UCC

Church Trends: COVID-19 and Our UCC Congregations
Erica Dollhopf, Director of the United Church of Christ's Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data (CARDD)

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Intimate Partner Violence: Understanding and Supporting Victims in Faith-Based Communities
Coalition Against Domestic Violence

2021 ‘Aha Pae‘āina Workshops

  1. White Supremacy Disguised: 128 years of continued white supremacy and war crimes on the Hawaiian Kingdom Christian Nation

  2. Provoked Perseverance! When Change Matters: Reflections on Matthew 15:21-28 from a postcolonial, race, and gender perspective.

  3. Report of the Conference Minister followed by Conference Minister Installation Service

  4. Property-Liability Commercial Insurance Trends

  5. Sermons 4 Kids

  6. Wisdom of Kalaupapa Premiere: Module 1 - Personal Response to Crisis: From Fear to Faith

  7. Growing Faith and Social Justice Leaders of Hawai‘i

  8. Hawai‘i Conference Foundation Updates

  9. HCUCC FYE2022 Budget


2020 ‘Aha Pae‘āina Workshops

  1. How your Faith Impacts Your Voting

  2. Hawai‘i Conference Foundation Introduction & Update

  3. Virtual Music Together: Inside and Outside of the Box

  4. Leasing and Licensing Your Church Property

  5. Hearing the Call: The Cultural and Spiritual Journey of Rosemary McCombs Maxey

  6. The Work of Reconciliation

  7. Kalaupapa Wisdom for Today

  8. Our Micronesian Churches in Hawai‘i

  9. Conference Minister Address

  10. HCUCC Financial Report


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Worship and Care for the Entire Church

"Thursdays for the Soul" and "Tuesdays for Nurture" are to unite, uplift and equip the Church for such a time as this.

Wednesdays with the World

This ongoing series highlights the ways in which the quest for justice is intersectional and global, allowing UCC members greater opportunities for increased awareness of global concerns and highlighting options for advocacy and action.

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