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Committees on Ministry

What is a Committee on Ministry (COM)?

A Committee on Ministry (COM) is a group of clergy and laity responsible for authorizing and overseeing ministry and for the care and well being of our churches and clergy. In our United Church of Christ, this work of authorization for ministry (determining who is fit and prepared to serve our churches) is the responsibility of each Association.

What does a COM do?

The Committee on Ministry works with individuals on behalf of our local churches to make sure every candidate is properly prepared to serve among us. Authorization for ministry is granted by the Association when a properly prepared candidate is approved for ministry in our churches, and in the wider United Church of Christ, by an Ecclesiastical Council.

COMs typically meet once a month for business, but often meet more often with individuals and local church committees as needed.

Who serves on a COM?

The committee is comprised of members (laity and clergy), as well as the Association leadership, and a representative of our Conference Ministry Staff as is prescribed in that Association's bylaws.

Who makes up the COMs in the Hawai‘i Conference?

Resources for COM members

What is the Manual on Ministry?
The 2018 Manual on Ministry (MOM) is the guiding document for the United Church of Christ Committees on Ministry (COMs). It serves as a living guide, a grounding perspective, and a resource for shared expectations in the essential ministry of Committees on Ministry. View the MOM below.

View the expanded Table of Contents for the MOM for ease of use and quick reference.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should I contact the COM?

If there is a concern that you feel is not being resolved adequately at the local church/congregational level, then you should contact us.


Who should we contact on the COM?

Ideally the Chairperson or the Conference Ministry Staff representative should be contacted.


Who should contact the COM?

Ideally it should be a leader of the congregation, such as: the head of the Diaconate or the church's Moderator.


What is the first step after contacting the COM?

The CCM will take your concerns seriously and determine how we might best respond.


Who will know that I have contacted the COM?

We will honor the confidence of any communication you have with the CCM to the extent allowed by law.


What will the process look like?

Our goal is to facilitate healthy communication and to promote reconciliation and healing. Each situation is unique and will be handled as such.


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