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Hawai‘i Island Association

Committee on Ministry

The United Church of Christ locates the authority for overseeing ministerial leaders with our Associations through Committees on Ministry, believing that the gifts of the Spirit and the call of Christ to ministry are best discerned by a designated group of persons who are deeply faithful, perceptive of the Spirit and of persons, committed to the United Church of Christ, and collectively wise with varied experiences of the Church in the world. In this work of authorization as in all work of the Church, we are grateful to Jesus Christ who is our Authority as the Head of the Body of Christ.

­–from the UCC Manual on Ministry


Committee on Ministry members are responsible for matters relating to ministers; members in discernment; ecclesiastical councils; ordination; granting, maintenance, transfer, and termination of ministerial standing; privilege of call; installation; commissioning; and granting, maintenance, and termination of local church standing. The UCC Manual on Ministry governs the work of the committee.



HIA COM meeting times vary based on our members’ schedules. Generally, we meet six times a year.​



Larry Walter

Tom Fernandez, Kalahikiola Congregational Church  

Loke Kamanu, Kalapana Mauna Kea Church

Yvonne Leiser, Hokuloa UCC

Joe Medlin, Recorder, Hilo Coast UCC

Brian Welsh, Haili Congregational Church    

George Winchell, ex-officio as Hawaii Association Board President, Hokuloa UCC

David Pophamex-officio as Conference Minister, staff

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