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Justice and Witness

"Sent forth by the Spirit, we walk humbly in Christ’s footsteps pursuing peace, justice and the renewal of all creation."
—Hawai‘i Conference Mission Statement

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Justice and Witness Ministries, one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ, helps local congregations and all settings of the church respond to God's commandments to do justice, seek peace and effect change for a better world. The work of JWM is guided by the pronouncements and resolutions approved by the UCC at General Synod.


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The Hawai‘i Conference Justice and Witness Missional Team works to equip congregations on justice and witness initiatives.

by HCUCC Justice & Witness Missional Team

Church-Based Reparations

This webinar presents a discussion among faith leaders from the UCC and other denominations about accountability, acknowledgement of historic  wrongs, and approaches to reparations.

Confronting Racial Injustice: Achieving Racial Equity in Hawaiʻi

This racial equity series is sponsored by the Judiciary’s Committee on Equality and Access to the Courts, the Judiciary History Center, and the Hawaiʻi State Bar Association’s Civic Education Committee.

  1. Black Lives Matter and the Hawaii Experience

  2. Data and the Criminal Justice System

  3. ​Making the Most of Implicit Bias Training

  4. Civil Rights & Access to Justice

  5. Diversity, Inclusion, and Empowerment

White Supremacy Disguised: 128 years of continued white supremacy and war crimes on the Hawaiian Kingdom Christian Nation

Workshop presented by Hawai‘i leaders and scholars at the 199th ‘Aha Pae‘āina. The AHEC General Synod resolution is discussed.

Part 1: The Bible + LGBTQ = Inclusive Christianity

Hosted by Church of the Crossroads and the All Are Welcome at the Table Working Group

What does the Bible say regarding LGBTQ persons? In this presentation, we explore the Bible’s extravagant welcome and God’s love for all, via historical and cultural analysis, sharing major Biblical themes of hospitality and inclusivity, and enlightened understanding of the few verses misused to stigmatize LGBTQ persons.

Part 2: Why Being an LGBTQ-Welcoming Church Matters

Hosted by Church of the Crossroads and the All Are Welcome at the Table Working Group

LGBTQ and straight church members share their diverse perspectives on how LGBTQ-welcoming churches have changed lives and enhanced the future of our churches. Learn why a clear statement of welcome and inclusion makes a difference.

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