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O‘ahu Association

Committee on Ministry

The United Church of Christ locates authority for authorization and oversight of ministers, including ordination and continued standing, in Associations – through Committees on Ministry. In the work of authorization and oversight, Committees on Ministry discern collectively the wisdom of the Spirit, the call of Christ, and the mission of God, on behalf of the United Church of Christ.

Committee on Ministry members are responsible for matters relating to ministers; members in discernment; ecclesiastical councils; ordination; granting, maintenance, transfer, and termination of ministerial standing; privilege of call; installation; commissioning; and granting, maintenance, and termination of local church standing.

Meetings: second Wednesday of each month


  1. Kyle Lovett, chair, Central Union Church

  2. Eleanore Chong, Central Union Church

  3. June Tom, Makiki Christian Church

  4. Sugalu Timoteo, Bethel of Amazing Grace

  5. Anne Leake, Kaumakapili Church

  6. Roy Yamauchi, Kailua Christian Church

  7. Abraham Han, Mānoa Valley Church

  8. Reynaldo Desenganio, Moanalua Community Church

  9. Irene Willis Hassan (ex-officio), Kailua Christian Church

Lori Yamashiro, staff recorder
David Popham, Conference Minister, staff liaison


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