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Meet the New Conference Council and HCF Board of Trustees

During the 198th 'Aha Pae'āina, held virtually October 4 – 10, 2020, new Hawai'i Conference and Hawai'i Conference Foundation (HCF) leaders were elected.

Those serving on the 2020 – 2021 Conference Council are:

  • Eric Anderson, Chairperson, Church of the Holy Cross

  • Kealahou Alika, Vice Chair, Wailuku Union Church

  • Douglas Wooten, Secretary, Kaumakapili Church

  • Roda Tabilas, Treasurer, Filipino UCC

  • Johnson Kihleng-Albert, Youth/Young Adult Member-at-Large, Central Union Church

  • Danielle White, Youth/Young Adult Member-at-Large, Hilo Coast UCC

  • George Winchell, Hawai'i Island Association President, Hokuloa UCC

  • Alan Akana, Kaua'i Association President, Koloa Union Church

  • Wayne Ibara, O'ahu Association President, Makiki Christian Church

  • James Aarona, Tri-Isle Association President; Kalanikahua Hou Church, Kaulanapueo Congregational Church, Nahiku Hawaiian Church

  • Kauanoe Hoomanawanui, AHEC President, Koolau Hui'ia Protestant Church

  • Boyd Matsuyama, State Council of Hawaiian Congregational Churches President, Puka'ana Congregational Church

  • Elwood Kita, Administration Missional Team Chair, Church of the Holy Cross

  • Jack Belsom, Formation Missional Team Chair, Wailuku Union Church

  • Sharon Matsuyama, Stewardship Missional Team Chair, Puka'ana Congregational Church

  • Linda Rich, Justice & Witness Missional Team Chair, Church of the Crossroads

  • David Popham, Conference Minister

  • Andrew Bunn, HCF Executive Director

Those serving as HCF Trustees for 2020 – 2021 are:

Class A:

  • George Winchell, Hokuloa UCC

  • Danielle White, Hilo Coast UCC

  • Kauanoe Hoomanawanui, Koolau Hui'ia Protestant Church

Class B:

  • David Popham, Conference Minister

  • Eric Anderson, HCUCC Council Chair

Class C:

  • Yvonne Leiser, Hokuloa UCC

  • Gloria Kobayashi, Treasurer, Church of the Holy Cross

  • Roberta Jahrling, Chairperson, Kaumakapili Church

  • Aletha Kaohi, Vice Chair, Hanapepe Hawaiian Congregational Church

Class D:

  • Joyclynn Costa, Kalanikahua Hou Church

  • Kealahou Alika, Secretary, Wailuku Union Church

Congratulations to all and thank you for your willingness to serve in your respective capacities!


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