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I&E team chair, Heather Barfield, reflects on first General Synod experience

Reflection by Heather Barfield—Associate Pastor at United Church of Christ Judd Street in Honolulu, delegate of the O‘ahu Association.

This is my first Synod. I am an ordained Disciples of Christ pastor and I have been to a handful of General Assemblies, so I am blessed to be here as a Hawai‘i delegate.

My favorite part of Synod is purely relational. I have enjoyed seeing our Hawai‘i delegates, meeting many for the first time in person. I have enjoyed the conversations while walking from one thing to the next, while breaking bread together over a meal or at the hotel bar at the end of the night.

I have truly enjoyed immersing myself in all that Synod offers. I am grateful to listen and learn and am feeling revitalized and hopeful and look forward to sharing with the Hawai‘i Conference.

As the Innovation & Engagement Missional Team (I&E) chair, I look forward to sharing the hope for our future, which will include the sharing of pieces of conversations as well as resources I have been made aware of with the Conference through my work with the I&E team.

Part of this will happen through our upcoming Daring Faith Conversations where we will begin to hold a space (via Zoom) to begin our dreaming process where we can lift one another up in love and support. It is clear that churches need to begin having crucial conversations about their future, if they have yet to begin to do do so. I&E can be a resource for you/your faith communities so I invite you to come dream with us!

Above: Heather adds a colored strand to the prayer frame that sits in the plenary hall for anyone to add to. Each color corresponds to a theme for prayer requests.

Above: Heather at the prayer walk with Kristen, Keoki, and Danielle.


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