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  • David Popham

Conference Minister Reflects on Continuing Pandemic

I know we are dealing with COVID fatigue. Tired of hearing about it. Tired of talking about it. Tired of dreading it. Tired of taking precautions that seem unnecessary and burdensome. Tired, worn, fatigued. The good news is that two pharmaceutical companies have announced achievements toward reliable vaccines against COVID and against the worst of COVID symptoms. The less thrilling news is that trials are still ongoing, and the release of a vaccine to the general public is still some months off.

At the same time our nation is realizing the worst COVID spread experienced to date with states like Utah, North and South Dakota, and Texas announcing hospital capacity limits and healthcare rationing. It is a sobering reminder that the novel coronavirus is still among us.

The Conference office urges our ministers and church leaders to review your congregation's COVID plans. Make decisions based on your context with a minimization of health risks. Due to our geography, not all churches will be at the same place regarding regathering and what rituals and elements of worship can safely take place. It has been a long slow road between mid-March and early November, and some rocky road lies ahead of us. We will get through this safely as each congregation sets its ethical compass and allows this compass to guide the church's way forward.

David K. Popham, Conference Minister


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