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2023 Lumana'i Scholarship Awards

The Lumana'i Scholarship Awards recognizes, honors, and rewards the accomplishments and talents of Samoan youth in their pursuit of higher education. This is a partnership project of the O‘ahu Samoan Community and the O‘ahu Association of the Hawai‘i Conference UCC. The 21st Annual Awards Ceremony was held this year on April 20 at Farrington High School. Since the start of the scholarship program, over 300 Samoan youth have received scholarships totaling over $60,000.

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Photos courtesy of David Popham

Below: Video of the Samoan Gospel Heralds singing "Lo Ta Nu'u", a traditional Samoan anthem.

Below: Recognition from Andria Tupola of the Honolulu City Council was presented to the founder of the Lumana‘i Scholarship, Clayton Kimoto, who was a member of Pearl City Community Church. Clayton passed away in November 2022 so his widow Jean accepted the recognition on his behalf. Photo by Delsa Atoa Moe. "He wasn't Samoan but he saw a need and an opportunity to help Samoan students so he rallied his church and successful Samoans to help form the organization."

Jean Kimoto with lei at microphone holding recognition. Andria Tupola stands in back


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