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  • David Popham

Continuing Reflections on the COVID Crisis

Map of COVID-19 cases in Hawaii, highly concentrated on Oahu + epidemic curve which has increased drastically from April to August 2020.

The spread of COVID-19, especially on O'ahu, is a concerning sign about how the disease makes its way among people. We are now hearing that COVID is entrenched and endemic to those who live in Hawai'i. The virus is widespread among us, and we are being told that on O'ahu most residents have already been exposed, in one degree or another, to families in which COVID is active.

As is being reported in the news, there may be a second lockdown in order to break the growing trend. The mayor of Honolulu County has restricted public gatherings to ten or fewer people. There is an exception for in-person worship by which congregations should gather no more people than can be safely physically distanced in a worship setting.

I ask that our church leaders reflect and give weighty thought to human behavior, which during this occasion has muddled political ideology with medical data and advice. I encourage good decision making about the reopening of buildings and the continuing use of facilities based upon the understanding of medical science and the guidance of state and county governments related to the coronavirus.

We flattened the curve before, and we can do it again, by persevering in our own practices of wearing masks in public, refraining from unnecessary gatherings, washing our hands, and understanding we can overcome this virus only as we outsmart the virus. David K. Popham, Conference Minister

Please consult with your county mayor's office about county ordinances regarding in-person worship and other church events, as guidelines may change:

  • Hawai'i County Mayor's Office: East Hawai'i: 808.961.8211; West Hawai'i: 808.323.4444

  • Maui County Mayor's Office: 808.270.7855

  • Kaua'i County Mayor's Office: 808.241.4900

  • Honolulu City and County Mayor's Office: 808.768.4141

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