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  • Nixon Jack

Reflection: Renovation, reconstruction, reenforcement

Nixon read the Call to Worship in Kosraean, his native tongue, as part of the worship led by Pacific Islander and Asian American Ministries (PAAM).

I thank our Heavenly Father for guides and health.

HCUCC for the opportunity to attend.

Mahalo, Lori, for your calmness of leading, as always. And to the other participants, for the sense of oneness and showing the ALOHA SPIRIT!

Though it's my first Synod and I went as a Member in Discernment, it was an honor.

General Synod strengthened my faith, Conference, and what UCC stands for.

Resolution #11 & #13 interested me and PASSED.

Mahalo, all RESOLUTIONS Committee Members for your hard labor.

As to represent the HCUCC, Member in Discernment, I know we are not alone because other conferences sent their representatives, 46 in all, which is double the number since the program was introduced.

My calling and decisions was and is the hardest "YES" a person can make. I am sure it is not by accident, but my destiny.

As a Micronesian and a member of the First United Protestant Church of Hilo, "MAHALO" to HCUCC for the opportunity to be part of (in my view) RELATIONSHIP AND COLLABORATION and what UCC stands.

We went for renovation, reconstruction, and reenforcement of the church.

Next General Synod in 2021... Kansas City, here I come.

Nixon Jack, Member in Discernment First United Protestant Church, Kosraean Ministry; Micronesian Council

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