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Honolulu, HI 96826

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Memoirs of Henry Opukaha‘ia (Published by Woman's Board of Missions)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ first came to Hawai’i because of one man – Opukaha‘ia. Henry Obookiah, as he was called by his American friends, hopped the ship Triumph in search of a new life in a new land and found himself in New Haven, Connecticutt, where he eventually went to school, learned three languages and became a Christian. His experiences and journal are recorded in a book, Memoirs of Henry Obookiah, which is published by and available from the Woman’s Board of Missions for $15 a copy, plus shipping cost. Bulk sale prices also available. Contact the Woman's Board of Missions office 808-791-5647 or visit for details.


Learn more about the Memoirs of Henry Obookiah and the launching of the book by the Woman's Board of Missions HERE.

Before dying in Connecticut in 1818, Henry Opukaha‘ia uttered two deathbed wishes: for the good news of Jesus to be shared with his Hawaiian people and for his return home to Hawai‘i. "O how I want to see Hawai‘i, but I think I never shall," he wrote in his Memoirs


In 1993, his second wish was fulfilled—a homecoming 175 years in the making. A timeline of Henry's route back to Hawai‘i and a front page article in the Hawai‘i Conference United Church of Christ newsletter detail his journey home. 

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