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Verifying Your Church Is Non-Profit Organization Under UCC's Umbrella

Especially during this time of the COVID pandemic, more churches are applying for loans and grants that require verification of tax-exempt status. Often granting organizations require a letter from the "parent" or "holder" of the group exemption dated within 90 days of the application.

The Conference has been in conversation with Heather Kimmel, General Counsel for the United Church of Christ, and her recommendation is that local churches may request such a letter directly from her office. She explained, "The federal group tax exemption is maintained by the National Setting on behalf of the denomination. We have a process here in the Office of General Counsel to provide a Local Church with documents that show that they are included in the federal group tax exemption, usually within the day of the request."

Should your church require such documentation, please contact Cindy Gaffney at, or call 216-736-2139.

NOTE: Cleveland is in the Eastern Time Zone and will be six hours ahead during Daylight Saving Time (March 14—November 7, 2021)


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