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UCC Leaders Visit Maui Following 2023 Fires

On June 17, 2024, following the ‘Aha Pae‘āina where HCUCC members shared about their experiences after the devastating 2023 fires in a session called Listening to Maui, Conference Minister David Popham and Hawai‘i Conference Foundation Executive Director Andy Bunn accompanied a small group of UCC leaders on a visit to Maui.

David shared in a Facebook post:

"Monday was transformed into a sacred day of story sharing with those affected by loss and survival following the Maui Fires. To Ka‘anapali to hear of family loss and recovery support. Then into Lahaina Town to the Campbell property and Waiola Church property where we paid honor to our ancestors in the faith for the legacy of their blessings. Ending at Po‘okela Church to talk story about the upcountry fire.

Thank you Karen Georgia A. Thompson, James E. Fouther Jr., Paul Leon Ramsey for being fellow pilgrims with Andy Bunn and me. The United Church of Christ and the Hawai‘i Conference UCC remain committed to walking with the folks of Maui through the full recovery process."

Photos by David Popham, via Facebook

In a Facebook post, UCC General Minister and President Karen Georgia Thompson shared:

"In August last year, the town of Lahaina in Maui was devastated by wild fires. I travelled to Maui along with Hawai‘i Conference UCC Conference Minister Rev. David Popham, Rev. Paul Leon Ramsey from the UCC Pension Boards, Rev. James E. Fourther Jr., Western Region Generosity Officer of the United Church of Christ, and Andy Bunn of the Hawai‘i Conference Foundation.

Words are not enough to describe what we saw. The pictures tell the story.

We met with church leaders and survivors. We listened and we prayed. There is a lot to be done with short term and long term recovery.

Photos by Karen Georgia Thompson, via Facebook


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