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Special Recognitions at the 200th ‘Aha Pae‘āina

The following congregations and people were recognized in the ‘Aha Makua business session on June 18, 2022. We give thanks and celebrate the generosity and ministry of our churches and clergy!

"5 for 5" Churches

The following churches are "5 for 5", meaning they contribute to Our Church’s Wider Mission and the four Special Mission Offerings of the United Church of Christ.

  1. Amataga Fou

  2. Central Union Church

  3. Church Of The Holy Cross

  4. First Chinese Church Of Christ

  5. First United Protestant Church

  6. Hanapepe Hawaiian Congregational Church

  7. Hanapepe United Church of Christ

  8. Hawai‘i Kai United Church of Christ

  9. Hilo Coast United Church of Christ

  10. Hokuloa United Church of Christ

  11. Ho‘olehua Congregational Church

  12. ‘Iao United Church of Christ

  13. Ka Hana O Ke Akua Church

  14. Kahikolu Congregational Church

  15. Kahikuonalani United Church of Christ

  16. Kailua Christian Church

  17. Kalaiakamanu Hou Congregational Church

  18. Kalihi and Moanalua Church

  19. Kalua‘aha Congregational Church

  20. Kapa‘a First Hawaiian Church

  21. Kapa‘a United Church of Chirst

  22. Kauaha‘ao Congregational Church

  23. Kaumakapili Church

  24. Kawaiaha‘o Church

  25. Kōloa Union Church

  26. Kona Lanakila Congregational Church

  27. Lahuiokalani Ka‘ānapali Congregational Church

  28. Lāna‘i Union Church

  29. Lihue Christian Church

  30. Lihue United Church

  31. Lili‘uokalani Protestant Church

  32. Living Stones Church

  33. Mānoa Valley Church

  34. Moanalua Community Church

  35. Nu‘uanu Congregational Church

  36. ʻŌlaʻa First Hawaiian Church

  37. Pearl City Community Church

  38. Puka‘ana Congregational Church

  39. Pu‘ula United Church of Christ

  40. Wahiawa United Church of Christ

  41. Waialua Congregational Church

  42. Waialua United Church of Christ

  43. Waiokeola Congregational Church

  44. Waiola Church

  45. Wai‘oli Hui‘ia Church

The following churches are recognized as leadership churches in giving:

Highest total dollar support (OCWM and the four special offerings)

  1. Nu‘uanu Congregational Church

  2. Church of the Holy Cross

  3. Central Union Church

  4. Waiokeola Congregational Church

  5. United Church of Christ Judd St.

  6. Church of the Crossroads

  7. Pearl City Community Church

  8. Hawai‘i Kai United Church of Christ

  9. Mānoa Valley Church

  10. Kōloa Union Church

Highest giving per capita

  1. Lahuiokalani Ka‘ānapali Congregational

  2. Puka‘ana Congregational Church

  3. Hanapepe United Church of Christ

  4. Ho‘olehua Congregational Church

  5. Nu‘uanu Congregational Church

  6. Kōloa Union Church

  7. Church of the Holy Cross

  8. Kalihi and Moanalua Church

  9. Hawai‘i Kai United Church of Christ

  10. Hokuloa United Church of Christ

  11. United Church of Christ Judd St.

Increased giving 100% or more over the previous year

  1. Kapa‘a First Hawaiian Church

  2. ‘Iao United Church of Christ

  3. Waiola Church

  4. Amataga Fou

  5. Bread of Life Church

  6. Kalihi and Moanalua Church

  7. Filipino United Church of Christ

  8. Lili‘uokalani Protestant Church

  9. Waialua Congregational Church

  10. Windward Samoan CCC

  11. Epenesa Fou Congregational Christian Samoan Church

  12. Wahiawa United Church of Christ

  13. United Church of Christ Pohnpei Maui

  14. Kalua‘aha Congregational Church

2022 Church Anniversaries

  • ‘Imiola Congregational190 years!

  • Ka‘ahumanu Congregational Church190 years!

  • Kalāhikiola Congregational 190 years!

  • Keawala‘i Congregational Church 190 years!

  • Lili‘uokalani Protestant Church190 years!

  • Kalihi and Moanalua Church 155 years!

  • Lanakila Congregational Church 155 years!

  • Central Union Church 135 years!

  • Central Christian Church130 years!

2022 Clergy Anniversaries

  • Teruo Kawata70 years!

  • William Kaina 65 years!

  • Elias Sevilleja 60 years!

  • Ronald Kent 50 years!

  • Mila Sapolu 40 years!

  • David Baumgart Turner 35 years!

  • Iese Tu‘uao 30 years!

  • Felizardo Taripe 30 years!

  • Kalasa Afuola25 years!

  • Barry Mick 25 years!

  • Heather Barfield 20 years!

  • Kimberly Fong 20 years!

  • Jeannie Thompson20 years!

New Ministry Calls:

  • Jonathan RoachAssociate Conference Minister

  • Valerie RossAssociate Conference Minister; Pastor at Hanapepe UCC

  • Vance AwaU.S. Army Chaplain, Schofield Barracks

  • Rob BorkKapa‘a United Church of Christ

  • Malcolm CarrHawai‘i Kai UCC

  • Rey DesenganioMoanalua Community Church

  • Malia GalindoAssociate for Families Children and Youth, Church of the Crossroads

  • Inok LautejFirst Marshallese UCC

  • Sam MasilamoneyKona Lanakila Church

New Church:

Waikoloa Marshallese Ministry, Hawai‘i Island

In Memoriam:

  • Tulilele Fa‘asafua Amosa

  • David S. Milotta

  • Lu‘uga Vailu‘u

  • Allan Fisher

  • Stephen Hanashiro

  • Iopu Fale


We congratulate three graduates from the Master of Divinity program of the Vancouver School of Theology. They are the first women from Hawai‘i to graduate from VST with a Master of Divinity degree!

  • Kauanoe Ho‘omanawanui (Kaua‘i)

  • Clara D. Priester (O‘ahu)

  • Rebecca Woodland (O‘ahu)

We also congratulate the first cohort of Hawai‘i graduates from Pacific School of Religion's Theological Education for Leadership program:

  • Caroline Belsom (Maui)

  • Jack Belsom (Maui)

  • Linda Kaauwai-Iwamoto (Kaua‘i)

  • Robb Kojima (Maui)

  • Tiffany Marrotte (Kaua‘i)

  • Roxanne WhiteLight (Kaua‘i)

To learn more about the TEL program:


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