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Sharing Advent from Our Homes

By Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa, Interim Pastor, Hawai‘i Kai UCC

If Advent has elves, the busy workers of Hawaii Kai UCC’s Hospitality and Worship Planning Ministry Teams qualify! Sensing a sadness because the Covid-19 pandemic has curtailed cherished church traditions they brainstormed how to make this year’s unique Advent season a memorable one.

As a result, each household will receive an Advent Activity Bag complete with a congregation-specific calendar of daily Advent devotional activities that run the gamut from prayer, good works, seasonal carols, and crafts. Zoom fellowship times will be a time to assemble simple crafts together, and all supplies are provided. It’s in the bag! Church members are encouraged to pick up their Advent Activity Bags at the church office, but home delivery to everyone else means no one is left out.

“It felt like we were making Stone Soup,” said Interim Pastor Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa. “Volunteers on the planning team offered to pitch in because they were excited about helping to shape the congregation’s Advent journey. I have no doubt that their efforts will generate not only smiles and thanks, but deepening devotion in our households.”

Kaz Okuhara smiles with the Advent Activity Bags she is decorating for Hawai‘i Kai UCC.
Kaz Okuhara decorated 75 Advent Activity Bags for Hawai‘i Kai UCC.


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