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Sermon Series on UCC Statement of Faith

Can you describe to another person what you believe? When someone asks about the purpose of going to church, or why Jesus died, do you feel adept at answering them?

Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa, Interim Pastor of Hawaii Kai UCC has just completed a five-week sermon series based on the United Church of Christ Statement of Faith.

“I’ve grown into the habit of using the season of Epiphany each year as a time to teach some aspect of theology through a sermon series,” she says.
“Sharing this foundational document is an approachable way to introduce folks to the theology of the United Church of Christ, but I also share it because I love its language, especially the version written in the form of a doxology, a prayer of praise to God.”

These sermon manuscripts and recordings are available on the church’s website ( for any who wish to use them for study or preaching. Find them HERE.


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