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FREE VIRTUAL RETREAT | Resilience & Renewal: A Time for Revitalization

Attend FREE Virtual Retreat!

"Resilience & Renewal: A Time for Revitalization"

In the wake of the fires on Maui last year, faith leaders and congregations throughout Hawai‘i wondered how they might be better prepared if and when disaster in its many forms arrives next.

This three-hour virtual revitalization session on Thursday, April 11, 2024, from 9 AM to 12 PM, is presented by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and designed to give all who serve others a chance to take a breath and a break in the midst of ongoing challenges of their paid or volunteer work.

Participants will experience essential healing and resilience-building tools, including storytelling, strengthening positive connections with others, and spiritual practices. This session, grounded in relaxation and self-care techniques, provides an opportunity to experience a time of respite and gain new tools to share within their communities.

This session is provided free of charge through the partnership of the Hawai‘i Conference, the Pacifica Synod ELCA, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

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