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Prayers for Defueling of Red Hill

The following prayers were offered at a community vigil held near the entrance of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage facility in Halawa, O‘ahu, on October 15, 2023, the eve of the first day of defueling. We share these prayers so our communities may keep people and earth in mind and heart as the process begins to remove fuel which has threatened O‘ahu's water for over 80 years and contaminated the water supply of many families.

Prayers shared via O‘ahu Water Protectors

  • The safe removal of fuel from the “Red Hill” Bulk Fuel Storage facility with no incident or disaster and to protect the people of O‘ahu and our precious water supply during these next months.

  • The decommissioning of the tanks and permanent shutdown of the bulk storage facility.

  • Supernatural healing and cleansing for the porous rock, aquifers, springs, streams, ‘āina (land), and animals already affected by fuel that has spilled. This includes the land and aquifer immediately surrounding the facility that have received over 180,000 gallons since construction. This includes Halawa Stream & surrounding areas, as millions of gallons of tainted water are released daily into Halawa Stream as the Navy flushes its water system and the contaminated shaft to mitigate fuel spread.

  • A stop to the spread of fuel and protection for the surrounding areas from future leaks especially during defueling.

  • Resources, healing, and provision for affected ‘ohana who are displaced and experiencing the contamination related ongoing health symptoms.

  • Healing and justice for residents living in civilian housing who were poisoned on the water line.

  • Farmers and practitioners who depend on freshwater from springs and streams that the ‘āina will continue to provide clean fresh water.

  • The softening of hearts for those in positions of power to take steps toward providing real justice, transparency and real healing for the ‘ohana of O’ahu. That they make every effort to return the land and wai as they found to the indigenous peoples of Hawai’i.

  • Our people and community to onipa’a (be steadfast) and to stand together in aloha.

  • Protection, unity, and grace for those in the community choosing to stand for clean water.

  • Elected officials to advocate for the protection of our wai (freshwater) and ‘āina (land, that which feeds) me ka wiwo‘ole (with fearlessness).

  • Supernatural recharging of our aquifer and conservation of wai, especially through the hotter, drier months.

Amene. Amene. Amene.


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