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  • David Popham

Patience during the Pandemic

The question on many minds is, "When can we reopen our facilities?" We are missing the intimacy of our communities: the ability to hug and to share what's happened in our lives between Sundays. It is hard to be distant from what, in other times of anxiety and concerns, proved to be our anchor in the storm.

At this time we need to develop patience. We must resist the temptation to open our sanctuaries prematurely. Such opening has the potential to place many lives in danger of catching a highly contagious virus with lethal consequences. If we allow it, impatience will turn our concerns for others into a feeling of inconvenience and spur us to rash actions.

With aloha for the well-being of our islands we can patiently wait and lean upon the wisdom of our governor and mayors to help us remain safe and healthy. We will be all right for we are in God's hands. And because we are in God's hands we will be changed more fully into Christ-likeness in love.

David K. Popham, Conference Minister


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