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Laupahoehoe Church Serves Community throughout Pandemic

Clem Malani, Jr., from Laupahoehoe Congregational Church, shares the following update:

"At the beginning of this pandemic we all did not know what our roles would be and what we would be able to do. As the pandemic accelerated, so did our kuleana.

At Laupahoehoe Congregational Church, Kahu Alvira demonstrated through action the importance of taking care your family, your community, and yourself. She has spearheaded food distribution efforts with the help of Papa'aloa Store, Lili'uokalani Trust, Vibrant, other churches in the community, and some church members. The first four entities above donated food boxes and the members donated their stimulus checks. Mahalo ke AKUA.

Most of the effort was directed towards the kupuna in the community. Members would jump in to help.

Mahalo Kahu Alvira, Papa Kahu Lawrence, Mack Asato, Russell Paio, the members of our church, and to Our Lord and Savior all praises and Glory, to Him. Mahalo ke AKUA ….AMEN"


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