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Kona Lanakila Church Celebrates 155 Years

On Sunday, November 13, Kona Lanakila Church on Hawai‘i Island celebrated 155 years with an Opening Sunday Worship Service at 8:30 a.m. with AHEC Papa Makua Kahu Wendell Davis as the Guest Speaker followed by Ka La Ho‘ike. Eight churches, including Haili Congregational Church, Helani Congregational Church, Kane'ohe Congregational Church, Puka'ana Congregational Church, Hau'oli Kamana'o, participated with scripture reading, songs, and hula.

Kahu Sam Masilamoney of Kona Lanakila Church shares, "It was a great celebration and fellowship face-to-face meeting with our members and friends after almost two years of COVID restrictions. The Ho'ike was followed by a lovely lunch and people left praising God for His faithful blessings towards Kona Lanakila Church."

Photos courtesy of Sam Masilamoney and Jonathan Roach.

Happy 155 years, Kona Lanakila Church!


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