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Kalapana Mauna Kea Luakini Celebrates 200 Years of Ministry

Photos courtesy of Karen Franks-Welsh, Angie Warren, and Jonathan Roach.

It was 200 years ago that British missionary William Ellis held the first service on the beach at Kalapana on Hawai‘i Island in 1823, and on Saturday, July 15, Kalapana Maunakea First Hawaiian Congregational Church gathered with ‘ohana and friends to celebrate their 200 years of faithful ministry. The service was led by Michael Warren and Loke Kamanu, Moderator, and included Na Waine o Ke Akua, Norman Liborio, Wahine Mercado, Matt Torres, Brian Welsh, Brian Boshard and many more. E Ho‘omalamalama Kakou no Ke Akua Ko Makou Pu‘uhohua.

Kahu Michael Warren

Karen Franks-Welsh, wife of Brian Welsh who is the Luna Ho‘omalu of the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches, shared, "Happy 200th Anniversary to Kalapana Mauna Kea Luakini Church in Nanawali Estates! They worship in the fifth building built for the church. Several were taken by tsunami and one eaten up from the 1980-1990 lava flow that inundated Kalapana! But God… He is faithful and today a church packed to overflowing was praising Him and saying mahalo Ke Akua for your love for almost three hours! Then we had an ono luau!"

Angie Warren, wife of Kahu Michael Warren, shares, ". . . we wanted to say mahalo nui to everyone that came today to help us celebrate 200 years of the gospel at Kalapana Mauna Kea Luakini on Hawai'i Island. We are so blessed by all of you. To our members there are no words that can express how much we love you all soooo much! Serving the Lord is what we do and just know that Jesus is smiling and full of joy knowing His gospel has been here for 200 years and we know that it'll be here for another 200 yrs! God is good all the time."

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Jonathan Roach, Associate Conference Minister serving on Hawai‘i Island, shared the following words at the anniversary service.

What is Your Favorite Sound?

Written to Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Kalapana Mauna Kea Congregational Church

What is your favorite sound?

Is it the sound of rain in the ʻōhiʻa lehua?

Is it the sound of a keiki laughing?

Is the first note of a beloved song?

Is it the sound of an ‘io taking flight?

Is it the sounds of worship?

What is your favorite sound?

Do you hear it in this sanctuary?

Do you hear it in the waves crashing against Puna coast?

Do you hear it as the dawn breaks or

In the middle of the night when the world sleeps?

Can you hear that sound and no other sound?

Can you find the way out of this noisy world?

Out of the loud? Out of the jarring grinding turbulence?

Can you hear that sound over the roar of the jets at Hilo Airport?

Can you hear God?

Can you hear God in your favorite sound?

Can you hear God everywhere?

Can you hear God who is still speaking?

Can you hear God in the jarring, grinding turbulence?

What is your favorite sound?

I have heard the sounds of God in this place, well done good and faithful. May the next two hundred years of your ministry continue to embrace the still speaking voice of ke Akua and may your best years be before you.


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