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  • Danny Tengan

HCUCC Disaster Ministries Holds Food Distribution

On Saturday, January 16th, HCUCC Disaster Ministries held another food distribution.

There were six churches that packed the food bags at Pearl City Community Church. Eleven churches participated in the food distribution by picking up the bags of food for congregational members in need.

Bagging started at 8:30 a.m. and all bagging and cleaning up ended around 10:00 a.m.. Pickups began a little after 10:00 a.m. and ended just before noon. In all, 307 families were given 505 bags of food that supported a total of 1,184 family members.

Food insecurity is still a real concern for families that have one or more family members still out of work. If you know of any family in need, please contact your church’s leadership, and share their concerns so they may be able to receive some assistance.

Remember, even with COVID vaccinations, we still need to wear face masks, physically distance, and sanitize. We need to achieve herd immunity (a majority of our community vaccinated) before we relax our guard.

Listen to our elected and health leaders.


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