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Getting to General Synod 34

The Hawai’i delegation has arrived in Indianapolis! The journey itself was an adventure for some, having to endure delays, rerouting, and bad weather. For some of us who departed out of Honolulu on Wednesday, our flight to San Francisco en route to Indianapolis was delayed and we literally had to run from the gate in San Francisco to reach our flight to Indianapolis. While we all made our connecting flight (and caused much consternation for others in our delegation who were meeting up with us in San Francisco), our luggage was not as fortunate. How does that song go. . .”I left my bags in San Francisco. . .”

Figuring out what happened with our luggage

Yesterday we began checking in and getting our registration packets and names badges.

The air quality in Indianapolis is gradually improving, as is the weather! Today is bright and sunny! Definitely a good omen!

Side of Indiana Convention Center with taller smokestack behind and golden skies
View from our hotel of the Indiana Convention Center where General Synod 34 will be held. (PC: Andy Bunn)

Today is the start of the 34th General Synod, the first in-person gathering of the denomination in four years. Our Hawai’i delegation welcomes two new delegates, Jann Kojima, who is substituting for Kealahou Alika; and Jack Belsom, who is standing in for Greg Sato. While we will miss Kealahou and Greg who were unable to make it, we are confident that Jann and Jack will do an outstanding job!

Here are our one-word first impressions going into the General Synod:

Exciting People Together ‘Ohana Early Stormy Interesting Suitcase Receptive Simplicity Challenging Happy Ahhh Blessed Exhausting Anticipation Overwhelmed

Follow our blog as we share news, experiences, and impressions throughout General Synod!

You can join us for the worship and plenary sessions which will be livestreamed online!


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