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First United Protestant Church Bids Aloha to Czarneckis

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Roach

In 2019 Christopher Czarnecki was installed by the Hawai‘i Island Association as Pastor of First United Protestant Church of Hilo. This was the church that gave him his first call to ordained ministry and now sends him off to the next call.

Christopher Czarnecki with his wife Akeera

After sharing the news with his church and family, Christopher more publicly announced the transition in a Facebook post saying, ". . . There is a sadness for me in that I know a part of my heart will always be here, with the church I have come to love and who gave me my first call, the people we’ve built friendships with and have become family to us here, and the beautiful land where God’s presence has undeniably been felt and known.

However, as I’ve gotten my first taste of full-time ministry and have considered the needs of my family, there’s been a stirring in my heart. So, several months ago I decided to begin the search and call process, looking for the next place where I felt God was calling me to be and that would align with my passions for ministry."

On Sunday, July 16, First United Protestant Church and the Kosrae Congregational Church of Hilo shared their aloha nui and said a hui hou to Rev. Christopher Czarnecki and his ‘ohana as they celebrated the end of their ministry together!

Chris shared about the event, ". . . my church threw a farewell celebration as we depart from this ministry and head to our next. There were tears, great speeches, a few toasts, and lots of good food. Many thanks to First United Protestant Church and the Kosrae Hilo Congregational Church for the celebration of this ministry. In the words of Pastor Nixon Jack yesterday, 'I will not forget you.'"

Chris' last day as the settled pastor and teacher of First United Protestant Church will be July 23. He will transition to the role of settled pastor of Holy Covenant UCC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Aloha and mahalo, Pastor Chris!


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