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Faith Leaders Support New Hawai‘i Abortion Guide

A new resource is available for those considering getting an abortion in Hawai‘i.

Click above to view/download the free resource!

Last Wednesday, August 31, community members gathered at the Hawai‘i State Capitol for a press conference announcing the release of Your Official Guide to Abortion in Hawai‘i, created by the Hawai‘i Abortion Collective. The guide, made widely available online at, not only provides helpful information on how to access an abortion in Hawai‘i, but also offers clarity and comfort through the often stigmatized process of getting an abortion.

A contingent of interdenominational clergy was present "to stand as a public witness that there are faith leaders who believe abortion access is a compassionate response to what are always difficult decisions for pregnant people," shares Cassie Chee (of Faith Action for Community Equity) who coordinated with the religious leaders.

Pictured above: Rev. Kyle Lovett, Rev. Malia Galindo, Rev. Mary Herbig

Among the various speakers at the press conference was the Reverend Malia Galindo who is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and an active partner with the United Church of Christ denomination. Galindo is directly affected by the changes in abortion-related laws as someone who is able to become pregnant. She shares:

"There has been a loud message throughout our nation that you cannot be a Christian and support abortion. I am here to tell you that is wrong. The fight for abortion rights is not a new one. As someone raised in the United Church of Christ, I come from a history of people that have fought and supported the rights of women and people with uteruses to have access to abortion. I am a Christian who believes in the message and life of Jesus Christ and professes that he is my savior. I am a Christian who has participated in and been baptized myself. I am a Christian who heard a call from God and answered that call to ministry so that I could support the work being done here today and tell you I am a Christian and I support abortion rights. What I say here today will not erase the narrative that most Christians are anti-abortion. Nor is that something that I am aiming for. My faith tells me that all life is valuable and I truly wish for a world where there are less abortions. However, I refuse to aim for a world that does so at the cost of our rights and life. In order for us to make faithful and thoughtful responses to the need for abortion, we need to remember the message of Jesus was not one of judgement or control, but of love and respect for every single person, because we are all children of God.

Accessing life-saving healthcare is not a sin.

Resources like this one are so important not only to protect those who are in need of abortions, but also to aid those like myself who often help bring these resources to our communities. I pray that we are able to better support our loved ones and our communities by supporting not only this guide but others like it, so that we may continue to work with God in creating a world that is more compassionate and Christlike."

A person with painted fingernails holds a laptop open to The home screen is light pink and reads "Abortion is safe, legal, and available in Hawaii"

In Hawai‘i, while abortion remains legal—despite the U.S. Supreme Court's recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, which had protected the right to abortion across the United States since 1973—there are still barriers to abortion access, reproductive healthcare, and broad family planning options. The Hawai‘i Abortion Collective wants to remind people that "abortion is safe, legal, and available in Hawai‘i."

While the issue of abortion is seen differently by our many churches, it doesn't change the fact that there are people who want, need, and have abortions in our communities. This comprehensive guide to abortion in Hawai‘i is a valuable resource that can be shared with those people as they make significant decisions that impact them and their ‘ohana.

Share this live-saving and life-affirming resource!


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