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Eric Anderson Shares "Scarlet Tears" for Maui

Each Wednesday at 11 a.m. HAST, Eric Anderson, pastor of Church of the Holy Cross in Hilo and our Conference Council Chairperson, goes live on YouTube to sing one song to lift the heart.

Last week on August 9th, following the news of the Maui wildfires, he sang “Scarlet Tears” which he originally wrote about the 2018 volcanic eruption in Puna that claimed many homes, farms, and other places of work.

Eric shares, "I went straight to this song after seeing the images and hearing the terrible news out of Maui. We have some fires here on Hawai‘i Island, as well. Mercifully, they are nowhere near as severe as the ones that have swept through West Maui over the last night. The eruption was a slow motion disaster. The fires on Maui struck so suddenly, I was taken completely by surprise by the news this morning."

"So this song is offered with the awareness that even though it is a quickly moving disaster, it will be a long and slow recovery. And it is one that we need to continue to be engaged with, not just over the next few weeks as people start to pick up the pieces that remain after a fire, but over the months and years to come as rebuilding takes place and the Lahaina Town figures out who they’re going to be in the years to come."

View Eric's performance of "Scarlet Tears" below. Talking begins at 1:00. Music begins at 3:15.

Scarlet Tears flowing to the ocean Sorrow flares in crimson skies Hurry now with arms of aloha We can stand together as we cry

—Eric Anderson


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