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"Conference Ministers address racism, white supremacy and privilege in the church"

The Council of Conference Ministers (CCM) of the United Church of Christ recently released an open letter to members of the UCC addressing racism, white supremacy and privilege in the church.

Our covenant is that we will move into self-reflection and clear-eyed conversations with open hearts to hear one another without fear or judgment. We understand that talking about racism, white supremacy and privilege in the church is difficult. However, due to our shared commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in response to God’s invitation to unity, we are empowered to engage in these daunting and uncomfortable conversations.

Read the letter HERE.

David Popham, Conference Minister, is part of the CCM and has given his support to this letter. David explains, "The CCM is the entity through which the various Conference Ministers of the UCC relate to each other in a formal way. The CCM is the formal entity where issues are raised up and addressed by all the Conference Ministers, including myself."


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