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Children & Youth Activity Packet created for 200th ‘Aha Pae‘āina

A packet of activity sheets has been created to engage younger generations in the 200th ‘Aha Pae‘āina. This 15-page PDF contains reflection questions, a word search, drawing prompts, coloring sheets, facts and proverbs about kalo (main imagery used in this year's ‘Aha Pae‘āina logo), information about our Conference and denomination. These activities can be done individually or with others and can be adapted for different ages, settings, and times.

Churches, especially the leaders who work with children and youth, are encouraged to distribute these activity sheets to families or incorporate a selection of the sheets in lesson plans or gatherings to share with their children and youth about the 200th ‘Aha Pae‘āina taking place June 12-18, 2022. Use this before, during, or after!

Download the activity packet:

Children and Youth Activity Packet HCUCC Aha Paeaina 2022
Download PDF • 3.39MB

We hope this will help children and youth to feel at least a tiny bit more connected to the wider church that we are part of!


We will be collecting written responses from youth to the following two questions (found on Page 13 of the activity packet):

  1. What have you learned from the previous generation that continues to shape your life?

  2. What do you want to pass on to the next generation?

*One-word replies, short phrases, lists are fine! Names of people not needed.

Youth leaders may come up with their own way to ask these questions and get responses from their youth.

Please submit responses to by July 1 to be shared in the upcoming issue of The Friend.

This is an opportunity to talk story, share, reflect within your youth groups (or even between generations at your church) and also share with the wider church! You may also use the responses to share within your own church setting.

Questions? Contact Kristen Young,


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