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AHEC Papa Makua Wendell Davis reflects on first General Synod experience

Papa Makua Wendell Davis is attending his first General Synod and is a delegate. He shared the following reflection on his experience:

“I love doing jigsaw puzzles, yet a box of hundreds of puzzle pieces can be both intimidating yet joyful. As I spread the pieces on the table, I am in awe of their number. Some are upside down, and others are right side up, yet they all belong. They all connect. As I begin my task of bringing these puzzle pieces together, I am confident, not because of the task that's ahead but because the picture on the box that housed these pieces allows me see the end product. As I proceed, I now have a focus point.

“Similarly, my first experience at General Synod 2023 has been joyful, along with a divine focus. Like the uniqueness of each puzzle piece, the United Church of Christ brings a beautiful diversity of people throughout the world with one focus: Jesus Christ! There is a beautiful interlude, as each person connects with one another whenever we come together. It's joy beyond understanding. It's hope at its best, for it's truly an encounter with God. Hebrews 10:25 says, “do not forsake assembling,” which means we are to assemble, but furthermore, it is a wise word written to protect us from disunity. When we assemble as the Body of Christ as in this General Synod, we are called to stir each other up in love and encourage one other in our faith. I praise God for this opportunity to fellowship, worship, love, and engage through the power of the Holy Spirit. The only word to describe my experience is "BLESSED"! Mahalo ke Akua!“

Conference Minister David Popham, outgoing General Minister and President John Dorhauer, Papa Makua Wendell Davis

Kahu Wendell Davis prays a blessing over John Dorhauer and the Hawai‘i delegation.


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