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ʻAha approves resolution for education and action on Gaza

There was just one Resolution of Witness brought to the ʻAha Paeʻāina, and it was overwhelmingly approved as presented. A Resolution of Witness makes a moral and theological statement about a pressing issue and often contains a call to action for churches and members.

Photos by Kalani Wong

Six churches — Central Union Church (Oʻahu), Church of the Holy Cross (Hawaiʻi), ʻIao United Church of Christ (Maui), Kaumakapili Church (Oʻahu), Nuʻuanu Congregational Church (Oʻahu), and Waimea United Church of Christ (Kauaʻi) — sponsored the resolution that went up for vote at the ‘Aha Makua business session on Saturday, June 15, A Call to Education and Action Regarding the Crisis in Gaza”.

The resolution calls on our churches to do three things:

  1. to publicly pray and call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and Palestine;

  2. to call for an end to the blockades of humanitarian aid preventing critical food and medical supplies from getting into Gaza; and

  3. to commit to educating ourselves about the history and current conflict in Palestine and Israel.

View the business session to hear the discussion that took place with people in support of and in opposition to the resolution:

The ʻAha's approval of this resolution encourages churches to engage as they feel called. As part of our UCC polity and covenantal relationship, the various settings of the church (such as the local church and the wider Conference) only speak to each other—not for each other.


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