Hawaiian Kingdom History:
The Kingdom, the Church, the Land

Recordings and resources from the ongoing 12-part series will be posted below.

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Hawaiian Kingdom History series

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 PART I. The Kingdom 
Presenter: Dr. David "Keanu" Sai

1. AUGUST 7 - Hōʻike ʻEkahi (Presentation 1)

Keanu Sai, Ph.D.

The importance of terminology.

Is Hawaiian a nationality, which is multi-ethnic, or a native indigenous people that have been colonized by the United States?

View presentation slides:

"The Importance of Terminology and Why the Hawaiian Kingdom Continues to Exist"

Further reading:

Setting the Record Straight on Hawaiian Indigeneity

This piece by David Keanu Sai, Ph.D., provides a deeper analysis on what was presented.

Shared resource:

The Kingdom Exists” - Free online series that relates Keanu’s historical analysis in short video clips

2. AUGUST 14 - Hōʻike ʻElua (Presentation 2)

Keanu Sai, Ph.D.


The constitutional history of the Hawaiian Kingdom from King Kamehameha III to Queen Lili‘uokalani (1839-1893)

View presentation slides:

"The Constitutional History of the Hawaiian Kingdom"

Further reading:

Kamehameha III's response to the American Consul regarding the missionaries

THE ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY: Investigating War Crimes and Human Rights Violations Committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom

The content of Presentation 2 is from Chapter 1, "Hawaiian Constitutional Governance", of this e-book by David Keanu Sai, Ph.D.

Web resource: hawaiiankingdom.org

3. AUGUST 21 - Hōʻike ʻEkolu (Presentation 3)

Keanu Sai, Ph.D.

The illegal overthrow of the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the continued existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a State under international law

View presentation slides:
"The Illegal Overthrow of the Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom"

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4. AUGUST 28 - Hōʻike ʻEhā (Presentation 4)

Keanu Sai, Ph.D.


The road to recovery of ending the American occupation. How to bring compliance to the rule of law in light of war crimes and human rights violations committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom since January 16, 1893.

View presentation slides:

"The Road to Recovery of Ending the American Occupation"

For the list of academic publications recommended by Dr. Keanu Sai in the presentation, view Pages 60-79 in the presentation slides above.

Further reading:

"Backstory: Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom at the Permanent Court of Arbitration"

Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom via Permanent Court of Arbitration (via pca-cpa.org)

Professor Federico Lenzerini's Legal Opinion on the authority of the Council of Regency

THE ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY: Investigating War Crimes and Human Rights Violations Committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom

Pages 11-52 in this e-book explain the road to recovery and the formation of the Council of Regency.

Documentary: The Acting Hawaiian Council of Regency; Exposing the American Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom


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 PART II. The Church 

5. SEPTEMBER 4 - Hōʻike ʻEkahi (Presentation 1)

Dr. Ronald Williams Jr.


The American Protestant "Mission" to the Hawaiian Islands: The Early "Mission" (1820-1863)

Further reading:

"Christianity in Hawaiʻi" by Ronald Williams Jr.

2017, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion


"‘Ike Mōakaaka. Seeing a Path Forward: Historiography in Hawaiʻi" by Ronald Williams Jr.

Hūlili: Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian vol. 7 (2011)


Other publications by Ronald Williams Jr.:


6. SEPTEMBER 11 - Hōʻike ʻElua (Presentation 2)

Dr. Ronald Williams Jr.


Hōʻeuʻeu Hou: Sons of the Mission and the Shaping of a New "Mission," 1863-1888

7. SEPTEMBER 18 - Hōʻike ʻEkolu (Presentation 3)

Dr. Ronald Williams Jr.


Poʻe Karitiano ʻOiaʻiʻo (True Christians)

8. SEPTEMBER 25 - Hōʻike ʻEhā (Presentation 4)

Dr. Ronald Williams Jr.


"I ka Wā Mamua, ka Wā Mahope" (The Future is in the Past)

 PART III. The Land 
Presenter: Donovan Preza

9. OCTOBER 2  - Hōʻike ʻEkahi (Presentation 1)

Donovan Preza

An Overview of the Great Mahele

10. OCTOBER 9 - Hōʻike ʻElua (Presentation 2)

Donovan Preza

Government Lands

11. OCTOBER 16 - Hōʻike ʻEkolu (Presentation 3)

Donovan Preza


Konohiki Lands—emphasis on the King's (Crown) Lands

12. OCTOBER 23 - Hōʻike ʻEhā (Presentation 4)

Donovan Preza

Kuleana Lands

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