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In the May 2021 issue of The Friend, we examine anti-Asian and Pacific Islander racism and violence and why it matters to us in Hawai‘i. Voices from the islands and on the continent courageously share their stories with us. Due to space limitations in the printed publication, we present full contributions through our blog. We encourage you to read their complete stories which are linked below.

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Continued from Page 3 | HEAR OUR VOICES

The Rock Upon Which Christ’s Church is Built
NALEEN ANDRADE, Kahu of Kahikolu Congregational Church

Continued from Page 5

Racism in America Is Not a New Phenomenon

IESE TUUAO, Pastor, Samoan Church of Hawai‘i, LMS

Continued from Page 6 | HEAR OUR VOICES

Colorful People Stand Up for One Another

MITCHELL YOUNG, Pastor, Montebello Plymouth Congregational Church

"It was an unusual and lovely experience, to see other people stand up for people like me."
WENDY TAJIMA, Executive Presbyter, San Gabriel Presbytery, PC(USA); Altadena Community Church, UCC, Volunteer

Continued from Page 7 | HEAR OUR VOICES

Being A Brave Bystander
JAMES AKINAKA, Nu‘uanu Congregational Church

“We can act and respond to violence and hate by looking within ourselves”
KARENFAY RAMOS-YOUNG, retired authorized minister, Southern California

Continued from Page 8 | HEAR OUR VOICES

Stand Up & Stand Strong
DICK HOM, National Moderator, PAAM UCC

No More Chinaman’s Hat
RENNIE MAU, Moderator, Hawaii PAAM

Continued from Page 9 | YZ LITERATURE

Hawai‘i Student in California Reflects on Racial Discrimination

NICK BUTO, student, Chapman University

Reflections on Being Micronesian in Hawai‘i

Continued from Page 10, 11 | SPEAKING UP, SPEAKING OUT

"Do You Know the Man?" A Sermon by Cassie Chee
CASSIE CHEE, Faith Action for Community Equity

Placing Anti-Asian Racism in a Larger Framework
RONALD FUJIYOSHI, Ola‘a First Hawaiian Church

Continued from Page 12 | SPEAKING UP, SPEAKING OUT

The Church, Racism, and the Call to Do Justice

LINDA RICH, Hawai‘i Conference Justice and Witness Missional Team

Where FAITH+CULTURE Intersect
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