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December 11, 2019

With Samoa in the midst of a severe measles epidemic sweeping the island nation and a reported 3800+ cases of the measles and more than 60 related deaths, mostly children, we pray.


We pray for the children, their families, and all who are affected by this outbreak in Samoa.

We pray for our sisters and brothers here in Hawai‘i whose lives have been touched by this crisis.

We pray for the humanitarian aid workers and health care workers who are providing direct medical care and support to those affected.


The Samoan Church of Hawai‘i, LMS, and their pastor, The Rev. Dr. Iese Tu‘uao, are coordinating monetary donations from the Samoan churches in the Hawai‘i Conference to aid in relief efforts in Samoa. Churches are asked to take a free-will offering to contribute to these relief efforts. You may also donate online.


Read the letter from Conference Minister David Popham to Partners in Ministry in the Hawai‘i Conference of the United Church of Christ, reminding us that we all are called to minister together to our sisters and brothers in need, especially during this Advent Season.

Click to donate funds

toward relief during

Samoa's measles epidemic.


Edit "Disaster Relief" to say " Samoa Relief " so your donation can be designated accordingly. 

No Measles Reported Deaths in the Past 24 Hours by Samoa Global News, December 10, 2019


Update on the Measles Outbreak in Samoa
by Samoa Global News, October 22, 2019


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