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2019 Pastoral Leaders' Retreat
March 27, 2019

Over 20 clergy and pastoral leaders gathered from March 20 – 22 at the St. Anthony Retreat Center in Kalihi for the 2019 Pastoral Leaders' Retreat. The theme of the event was "Spiritual Formation and Growth," which participants experienced through new practices and community worship while gaining new resources and strengthening relationships.



What one moment would you have captured in a photograph?  

Reflection by Phyllis Meighen

Jun and I co-celebrating Holy Communion. The Sacraments are central to my piety, and I was so pleased that we opened the Retreat with worship which included Holy Communion. I was very moved when Janice asked me to help lead that portion of worship, for she was unaware of how very important the Sacraments are in my ministry and my personal relationship with Christ. I loved being sublimely conscious of the Holy while celebrating the Sacrament with Jun.  He and I had met for the first time that day, and Holy Communion was our first interaction. We flowed so smoothly and naturally with each other. I was very grateful and honored that we were clearly one in the Body of Christ. By extension, I was very moved that our brothers and sisters from the Pacific Islands and Hawaii were participating so fully, equally, and joyfully. For me it was indeed an affirmation of God’s Beloved Community, and it set up a beautiful dynamic for the workshops to follow. 


"The retreat was participatory, involving different kinds of engagement and groupings. I would say we got a Full Body (of Christ) Workout: spirit/mind/body were renewed." (Phyllis Meighen)







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