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General Synod Reflection: Sue Smith

This was my first General Synod and I can say WOW! There was such a feeling of energy and drive to do justice and the work of the church that it was palpable.  In worship, music, speak outs, resolutions, leadership and various activities it was shown how truly diverse and welcoming we are as a denomination.  We were offered opportunities to put our words in to action in various ways.   I chose to participate in a march on the local ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) office to show support for a family who had their father forcefully removed and detained.  It was inspiring to hear the Rev. John Dorhauer, General Minister and President and the Rev. Traci Blackmon Minister of Justice & Witness Ministries speak on the issue along with other UCC pastors in the sanctuary movement.  


Each delegate was assigned one or more resolutions coming before the synod.   We had education and discussion to modify, recommend and bring a resolution to the synod for a vote. I encourage you to read the resolutions and look to how we can put them into action in our personal lives, worship, and our work for justice.  See for the resolutions.


- Sue Smith, Hawai‘i Island

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