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General Synod Reflection: Haleaka Martin

I was so amazed at the production of the General Synod.  This is my second year in attendance, and I was very impressed with how the General Synod business ran like clockwork.  The hardworking individuals did a great job of organizing all aspects of this event.  Amen!


The worship services were great and very inspirational.  The choirs and dancers added to the excitement of the service celebrations.  The music was upbeat and you wanted to join in praise with clapping, shouting and dancing, something we in Hawaii are not accustomed to in our services.  I was particularly impressed with the dynamic women, whose messages were clear, articulate and relevant for today’s situations.


The Youth (Young Adults) were working in different situations and did a great job assimilating and giving their thoughts and ideas to the General Synod.


I was assigned to Resolution 11, “Affirming and Supporting the Authorized Ministries Underrepresented Clergy in Local Congregations”.  The group worked together, as this resolution has taken a long time to address in our UCC Churches.  I am glad to report that the resolution passed the General Synod vote.  The Hawaii group had an opportunity to speak out at this event. 


- Haleaka Martin, O‘ahu

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