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General Synod Reflection: Diane Meyer

This, being my first national synod, was an exciting 5 days for me in Baltimore Maryland.   I had followed reports from previous synods so kind of knew the flavor of what to expect at a UCC National Synod but there is nothing like being present in person to give you the real experience.  It was impressive to see Christians from all parts of our country, as well as the world, worshipping together and lifting praises to our God. 


The 15 resolutions that were discussed in smaller committees, refined, and brought to the floor for a vote all centered around social justice issues and it felt very comforting to me that I could agree or disagree but the whole body determined the vote.  Many were centered around social justice issues, racism, classism and gender, and to emphasize the relevance of these resolutions a real life event just happened in Baltimore.  A series of row houses, maybe a dozen, caught on fire and were burned up.  By the time the fire department arrived on the scene it was discovered that two of the three accessible fire hydrants did not work.   23 people were left homeless, and this fire was not in a white suburban community, but an inner city location.  It just brought home the wide spread injustice we see all around us. 


The worship music was outstanding and some of the main speakers were awe-inspiring.  They brought me to my feet cheering and wiping tears at the same time.    The Convention Hall was a beautiful, convenient venue to host the thousands of us who gathered for the synod.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Hawaii delegate to the 31st General Synod.    The 2019 Synod will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


- Diane Meyer, Maui

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