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Call Agreements


Call Agreements between a Local Church and Pastor


Churches calling a pastor are strongly encouraged to use this Call Agreement template (provided in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format).  Contact Conference staff for more information or questions about general use and specific details.


Call Agreement with Copyright Provision (Oct. 2013) – Microsoft Word


Call Agreement with Copyright Provision (Oct. 2013) – Adobe PDF


Copyright Agreements


Churches and pastors are encouraged to have in place a copyright agreement regarding use of sermons, liturgies, prayers, hymns, articles, etc., that are written or recorded during the pastor’s service to the church.  This can either be part of the Call Agreement (included in the Call Agreement template) or a stand-alone agreement (click on either the Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file below). 


Copyright Agreement (Oct. 2013) – Microsoft Word


Copyright Agreement (Oct. 2013) – Adobe PDF


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