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Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches

Grant and Scholarship Information

AHEC offers financial assistance to Hawaiian churches and their ministers. Learn more and download applications below:

Kahu Leilani M. Keanu Scholarship for Theological Education

The goal of this scholarship fund is to develop and support clergy and laity for Christian ministry through offering grants for leadership development of clergy and laity.


The Kahu Leilani M. Keanu Scholarship for Theological Education was established in May 1999 at the time of Kahu Leilani’s ordination and installation as minister to Kalihi and Moanalua Church.  Kahu Leilani used the offerings received to establish the scholarship out of concern for the future of the Hawaiian churches due to the lack of clergy to fill the pulpits.  She established the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to those called to ministry in the Hawaiian churches. The scholarship fund was renamed in November 2012 to honor her commitment to Christian ministry in the Hawaiian churches.

Application Deadline

The committee will review applications as received. Please submit applications one month prior to course or workshop registration deadline.




Nā Lima Hō‘ike "E" Grant

Funding: This Program is administered by the Board of Directors of the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches through its Program Committee.  Program Funds are to be used to implement Nā Lima Hō’ike “E”, also know as the five “E”s.

Church program need requests must be in one or more of the following categories to be considered: Evangelism, Education, Enhancement, Evolution, and Environment.

  • Example of funding: life of the church


Application Criteria: The Committee adopted an objective means of reviewing the applications and established the following criteria. Each application must:


  • Be initiated by a church

  • Be identified with at least one of the 5E’s

  • Submit a complete program summary

  • Submit a complete budget – indicating the church’s contribution, minimum 1/3 percentage of cost, other sources of income as applicable

  • Submit a Final Report with receipts of expenditures and any refund check, due two (2) weeks after the program.


The Committee recognizes that the time element for some of the projects being submitted is important and has established the following deadlines:


  • Applications are to be submitted by the 1st OF THE MONTH

  • Immediate acknowledgment of the receipt of request will be made by chair within the first week

  • A decision will be made and communicated to the applicant by the end of the month


Given those guidelines, churches are encouraged to submit their applications early, allowing for enough time for review, and processing before the project begins.


Please mail the completed and signed application to:

Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches

700 Bishop Street, Suite 825

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Attn. C. Nuuhiwa


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