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Robb Kojima shares observations from General Synod 34

Robb Kojima, Pastor of Wailuku Union Church on Maui, shares his observations from Day 3 of General Synod.

I noticed a younger demographic at this year’s General Synod than at my first in 2009. This is remarkable considering how churches all over are struggling to attract a new generation. I think it is because our UCC theological culture welcomes people no matter where they are in life’s journey. Our church is willing to welcome anyone who is seeking God and life with Christ. All people matter here.

Our denomination is a place where the self righteousness judgements of piety are not charged against those who are different from the societal cultural norms of the perceived dominate culture. This has brought a younger demographic and their friends.

At my first General Synod (2009) I noticed the diversity of the leadership did not mirror the very white and older assembly of delegates. Today the diversity of our leaders closer represents the church’s delegates.

I found the people at the GS smart compassionate, well educated, socially aware and theological. Mostly white, then Black and seemingly more Asian/Polynesian than Hispanics.

There are more women clergy replacing retiring ministers. They bringing balanced to the story of Eve and Adam, demonstrating what a woman wants is ‘good’. Original sin is more about coming of age and taking responsibility for our action, than our disobedience.

Robb talks with David Popham


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