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A New Bell in Pohnpei: Three from HCUCC Travel to Pohnpei for Anniversary Celebration

July 24, 2019

On July 9 – 14, three people from Hawai'i joined with the church in Pohnpei in celebrating the 167th Anniversary of the coming of the Gospel, called Rongamwahu.


Brian Welsh (Pastor of Haili Congregational Church), Ron Fujiyoshi (member of Ola'a First Hawaiian Church) and Mike Warren (Pastor of Kalapana Maunakea Congregational Church) each had an important part to play in this annual event.


Brian was honored to help dedicate a church bell donated by Haili Congregational Church to the Kepindau Deleur Church in Pohnpei. Mike strengthened the Christian Endeavor connections with the churches. Ron participated in a special ceremony honoring one of the historic missionaries in Micronesia.


View more photos from their visit and watch two short video clips below.

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