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"That they may all be one."
Easily and economically connect

your church ministry with the

community and the world.

What is b1?

b1 will serve to create, connect, & combine various communication mediums in one central, easily navigable platform for

your church ministry.














  • A beautiful, customizable website
    (If you have an existing website that you love, it will be transferred to a new webhost that offers more features.) 


  • A mobile app for members to connect with the church and easily invite friends outside the church

  • Texting with SMS messaging

  • Streamlined e-newsletters 

  • Easy interface with social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Electronic giving for a fraction of the cost available through current banks


How much will it cost?







​Why use b1?

Whether you serve a local church, a Conference, a camp, or a seminary,

b1 will revolutionize your connection

to community, justice and witness ministries, outreach, communication with members, and internet presence.

Whether you spend thousands of dollars a month on internet outreach or your church has never even had a website,

b1 will transform your church and its ministries.


b1 is part of Strategic Initiative #6:
Live Aloha

Strengthen our relationships

as members of local churches,

Associations and the Conference.


b1 will be a powerful tool that can facilitate communication at a variety of different

levels within, between, and outside of the church. 




Sign up in 5 easy steps!

  1. Click on  WE’RE READY – SIGN US UP 

  2. Fill out the pop-up email and hit SEND

  3. Wait for welcome email from Kombi (72 hrs) 

  4. Follow instructions in email

  5.  Send payment to the HCUCC Office:

    Hawai‘i Conference UCC
    1848 Nuuanu Ave.
    Honolulu, HI 96817


​These churches

have signed up!

Hanapepe UCC (Kaua‘i)


Church of the Crossroads (O‘ahu)


Keolahou Congregational
Hawaiian Church (Maui)


Kokokahi UCC (O‘ahu)


Po’okela Church (Maui)


First United Protestant Church (Hawai‘i)


Church of the Holy Cross (Hawai‘i)


Wailuku Union Church (Maui)






For more information on b1:

b1 website and portal

b1 cutomer support


Contact Hawai‘i Conference Staff b1 liaison:

This page was last updated on August 12, 2019.

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